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Why Would You Need an Ultrasound?

Generally, ultrasound is common for a person who is pregnant but that is not the only use of this equipment.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that detects changes in the appearance of organs, tissues and blood vessels. It is considered to be safer than an X-ray since it does not expose the patient to any radiation. It can also provide clearer pictures than an X-ray and the imaging is in real-time.

Normally, a radiologist is tasked to look after an ultrasound scan. However, some physicians are well equipped to proceed with the method, for instance, an Obstetrician.

They use a transducer to detect the sound waves as well as the echoes. The area where the probe will be placed is treated with a gel to make sure that the sound waves can be clearly detected as they travel through the skin.

Now, why would you need an ultrasound? Here are …